Integrated functionality

The Logic of Common Technology

Different instruments and applications on the same platform

Falcon Micro-Doppler: This image shows the micro-Doppler spectrum of a Peregrine falcon taking flight from a perch. The wing beats create an unmistakeable signature which is clearly distinguished from the micro-Doppler spectrum of a drone.

aiRadar Inc. has designed, developed and meticulously documented the hardware, software and firmware that go into building a software-defined multi-mode, multi-mission radar. We did this specifically so that we could use the common technologies for a number of different instruments and applications.

These instruments include include:

  • Space-Based Synthetic Aperture Radars (with all its complex modes and timing).
  • Terrestrial Active Electronic Scanned Array Radars for Counter Unmanned Vehicle detection.
  • Terrestrial Drone based SARs for military and civilian applications such as flood and fire disaster management.

We also integrated the functionality of all of these instruments into a single package. With this common technology electronics platform, we developed a common technology Command and Control system, the aiRPL Ecosystem, with a database of instrument specific characteristics and a unique programming language, which we call aiRPL (the aiRadar
Programming Language), that is compiled and executed on the software-defined common technology platform.

With these technologies in place, aiRadar developed two radars that are very different, and each absolutely unique. Yet they share common software, hardware and firmware technologies.