aiRadar aiRPL Ecosystem

Radar Software Ecosystem

The aiRadar aiRPL EcoSystem dramatically reduces risk and expedites your time to market, no matter what type of radar you are developing, or how sophisticated it is.

aiRPL Ecosystem provides you with an elegant and powerful Radar Programming Language (aiRPL), with libraries of beams and beam sequences, a great diversity of transmit pulses, transmit sequences, receiver configurations, filters, combiners, decimators, digital beamformers, array configurations, pulse timing (PRI) sequences and everything else to control the radar hardware to do what you want.

The aiRPL Ecosystem also provides the Communication bridge between the Radar Console, mounted on a windows PC, and the Radar Unit itself. This communication is through Ethernet or WiFi to a reliable Linux Operating System in the Radar, where the Compiled aiRPL is executed on a proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array IP Core, part of our Radar Sensor Electronics. The compiled program executes all the programmed events, pulses and beams as programmed, on a fully verified, qualified and highly sophisticated Research Radar Instrument with terabytes of on board storage capacity. You can measure performance in the field within days of opening the box.

For investigators interested in cognitive adaptive radar research the radar supports a PCIe high speed interface for direct GPU integration.

The aiRPL ecosystem is composed of the following:

  1. aiRPL Integrated Software Development Environment
  2. aiRPL Database with Acquisition Designer
  3. aiRPL Command Processor
  4. aiRPL Processing Unit

The aiRPL Integrated Software Development Environment is a set of tools and facilities for developing radar program designs in aiRPL. The Integrated Software Development Environment consists of two main parts:

  1. aiRPL Language Programming Language tools for the generation and sequencing of PRI (pulse repetition interval) bursts, sequences, frames etc.
  2. Data Structure Creation and Maintenance Tools.

The tools include:

  1. Transmit Pulse Design Tools
  2. Receive Configuration Design Tools
  3. Beamforming Design Tools
  4. Transmit Receive Module (TRM) Tools
  5. Hardware Configuration Tools
  6. Radar Constraint Definition Tools
  7. Tools Image Quality Analysis Tools
  8. Test and Maintenance Tools

There is a wide spectrum of radar solutions to very difficult problems. aiRadars’ business proposition trades significant technical risks in exchange for licensing fees.  We provide you with the tools to solve these problems rapidly, develop products rapidly, and get to market rapidly. All of your program’s systems will have been validated and verified on aiRadars’ proven standardized hardware and software platforms avoiding a build from scratch effort and all the risk that entails.  Developing AESA radars has never been easier.


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