Custom Radars


Our recommended approach to developing application specific radar instruments that lead to a successful outcome is:

  1. Purchase one of our RRI research radars with an application appropriate software configuration.
  2. Using the extreme programmability of the RRI to solve your radar sensing challenge with this instrument: find out what you need to transmit, how it will vary over time, what to do with the receive signals and how to use the data from the receive stream to adapt the radar to solve your challenge as maybe required. Capture this IP in aiRPL.
  3. Optimize your hardware needs by experimentally reconfiguring the RRI hardware via software to obtain your desired performance with the minimum amount of hardware required for commercial success. Capture this IP in aiRPL.
  4. Develop a specification of exactly what you need for your application specific radar and determine what frequency band you need to operate in. Very little is frequency dependent at mmWave frequencies.
  5. Establish a licensing agreement with aiRadar to implement our Ecosystem on your custom hardware.
  6. Develop your own hardware design or contract its design and construction with aiRadar or others.
  7. Implement your captured IP on the new hardware and go to market.

AiRadar can assist you to whatever degree maybe required in any or all of these steps. We can help you get to market with speed and very low technical risk.

AiRadar has over a 100 man-years of system through detail design experience in the development of AESA remote sensing systems spanning the millimeter wavelengths to L band encompassing spaceborne, airborne, shipborne and land based systems.

There is a wide spectrum of radar solutions to very difficult problems. aiRadars’ business proposition trades significant technical risks in exchange for licensing fees.  We provide you with the tools to solve these problems rapidly, develop products rapidly, and get to market rapidly. All of your program’s systems will have been validated and verified on aiRadars’ proven standardized hardware and software platforms avoiding a build from scratch effort and all the risk that entails.  Developing AESA radars has never been easier.


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