aiRadar Software Modules


The aiRPL Ecosystem Software Modules provide you with an elegant and powerful Radar Programming Language (aiRPL), with libraries of beams and beam sequences, a great diversity of transmit pulses, transmit sequences, receiver configurations, filters, combiners, decimators, digital beamformers, array configurations, pulse timing (PRI) sequences and everything else to control the radar hardware to do what you want. It also comes with a database & tools to capture and maintain your data structures.

  • Super User Access with IDE
    • Includes our easy to use radar programming language (aiRPL), our database application (aiRDB), and our radar language compiler (aiRLC).
    • Data Structure Creation and Maintenance Tools
  • LPI Research add-on
    • preconfigured with Frank, Costas, & Gold codes
    • Composite Transmit Waveform Generation with dual stage modulation, allowing modulation on modulation. For example, there is no single waveform that can satisfy the joint estimation of both range and range-rate (Doppler); however the aiLPI Composite Transmitter allows for LPI transmit-waveforms that combines two forms of modulation: Gaussian envelope for amplitude modulation and LFM for frequency modulation. Any of the LPI waveforms and codes with amplitude, frequency and phase modulation, in any arbitrary combination, may be modulated onto an LPI carrier with arbitrary frequency and phase modulation with this option. (Export Restrictions may apply).
  • Real Aperture Radar processors:
    • Forward looking
    • Side looking
  • SAR track correction processor
  • SAR processor: Time domain back projection
    • GMTI
  • Raw I & Q output option
  • Licensable Software and IP Cores
    • aiRPL Command Processor & aiRPL Processing Unit
    • IDE, Radar Processors and other options
    • Distribution & replication rights

There is a wide spectrum of radar solutions to very difficult problems. aiRadars’ business proposition trades significant technical risks in exchange for licensing fees.  We provide you with the tools to solve these problems rapidly, develop products rapidly, and get to market rapidly. All of your program’s systems will have been validated and verified on aiRadars’ proven standardized hardware and software platforms avoiding a build from scratch effort and all the risk that entails.  Developing AESA radars has never been easier.


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