sUAS & µUAS Detection

Research Applications

As the proliferation of small and micro UAV’s proliferates their potential abuse has raised concerns all over the globe. Detecting small UAV’s is a challenging problem for conventional radars and many manufacturers are developing and promoting these types of radars. Our research radars offer the researcher or radar developer that following capabilities that can be applied to the small and micro UAV detection problem:

  • Software defined real aperture 66GHz ActiveElectronically Scanned Phased Array Radar (AESA)
  • 1536 element Fully Active Phased Array (RRI-400),
  • High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth 4GHz
  • 64 beam Azimuth sequence, Arbitrary Beam Scanning Sequence, <0.5 degree Azimuth Beamwidth
  • Vertical MIMO, 3Tx and 3Rx. Triple Baseline (double differencing) Vertical Interferometry for Altitude.
  • > 30 degree Elevation coverage.
  • Real time I/Q Output Data with all Meta Data and Telemetry,
  • 6 Axis Attitude Data with GNSS Data Fusion. Dual RTK Enabled GNSS.
  • Multitrack Kalman Filter Tracking (Track While Scan) and Coarse and Fine (Micro) Doppler for Classification and Identification.
  • aiRadar Software Ecosystem for easy programing of adaptive behavior and IP capture.
  • aiRadar high data rate PCIe Interface for close coupling of GPU: Detect/Adapt/Respond.

There is a wide spectrum of radar solutions to very difficult problems. aiRadars’ business proposition trades significant technical risks in exchange for licensing fees.  We provide you with the tools to solve these problems rapidly, develop products rapidly, and get to market rapidly. All of your program’s systems will have been validated and verified on aiRadars’ proven standardized hardware and software platforms avoiding a build from scratch effort and all the risk that entails.  Developing AESA radars has never been easier.


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