SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)

Research Applications

Drone Deployed Centimeter Resolution Multi-Aperture Synthetic Aperture Autofocus Radar (SAR).

WildFire and Flood Management (with Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponders with motion sensing and biometrics for the firefighters.

Radar Reflectometry Draped on Digital Surface Model (DSM) from Triple Baseline Vertical Interferometry and unambiguous Ground Moving Object Indication (GMTI) from multi baseline along track interferometry.

Single flight produces:

  • 3D Digital Surface Models in real time
  • Object(s)  position in 3D space (3D)
  • Object(s) scattering (1D)
  • Object(s) velocity vectors (1D)

Explore “within pulse elevation beamscanning ”to implement Scan on Receive Mode (SCORE) for you Synthetic Aperture Radar Application.

Explore the limits of Ground Moving Target Indication velocity ambiguities, simply set up the along track interferometer, with multiple along track baselines.

Experiment with Alternating Phase Synthetic Aperture SAR to modulate Azimuth Ambiguities with a few lines of aiRPL, compile, load, and you have experimental results.

There is a wide spectrum of radar solutions to very difficult problems. aiRadars’ business proposition trades significant technical risks in exchange for licensing fees.  We provide you with the tools to solve these problems rapidly, develop products rapidly, and get to market rapidly. All of your program’s systems will have been validated and verified on aiRadars’ proven standardized hardware and software platforms avoiding a build from scratch effort and all the risk that entails.  Developing AESA radars has never been easier.


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