About Us

Excellence Through Innovation

Based in Burnaby, B.C., aiRadar Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated company focused on the research, development and commercialization of innovative radar imaging systems. aiRadar’s high-resolution sensors are compact, light-weight and energy efficient. Their effectiveness can be boosted with cognitive adaptive techniques and quantum enhancements. aiRadar’s goal is to become a global centre of excellence in active imaging technologies. aiRadar is committed to advancing STEM education and employment in Canada.

Incorporated in 2019, the company was founded with the vision of bringing affordable, human-portable scanned-array and synthetic-aperture radars to the commercial and military markets. The aiRadar Multi-Mode Multi-Mission software-defined radar can rapidly and adaptively position beams and adjust dwell times, with elevation interferometery, enabling 3D-surveillance, multi-target tracking and is reconfigurable as an ultra-high resolution (5cm) multi-aperture SAR.