Exceptional performance

Real Aperture Scanning Radar for Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems

aiRadar has developed two radars that are very different, and each absolutely unique. Yet they share common software, hardware and firmware technologies

These images display the micro-Doppler spectrum of a maneuvering drone captured using the MMI-100. Micro-Doppler is the gold-standard technique for the positive identification of drones from other airborne targets such as birds. Beyond target identification, the richly detailed micro-Doppler spectrum can reveal information such as the number and speed of the propellers and the dynamics of the drone control system.

The first radar product is a sector scanning radar, intended for countermeasures against Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). It is a real-aperture Active Electronic Phased Array (AESA) small enough to fit in a compact backpack, weighing less than 3.5kg. This radar has exceptional performance in Detection in Range, Azimuth, Elevation, Moving Target Indication and Micro-Doppler Identification of small Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles. In addition, it has a unique Cognitive Adaptive artificial intelligence interface that provides an almost real time Cognitive Adaptive radar capability.

The real aperture AESA Radar may be deployed as a vehicle mounted, tripod mounted or even tethered drone mounted real time imaging system with Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) and conventional drone detection (counter unmanned aerial system, cUAS).