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We create radar to solve human-scale needs: high performance, compact and smart

aiRadar Inc. was founded with the vision of bringing affordable, human-portable, scanned-array and synthetic-aperture radars to the commercial and military markets.
Cognitive adaptive radar

Disruptive innovation of a radar that mimics the human brain

aiRadar has developed a series of Modular Software Defined mmWave Radars, the MMI series, that are software-configured in two ways: as conventional Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars, with Elevation Interferometry and Moving Target Indication (MTI) capability; or, as Ultra High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) with Interferometry, Digital Surface Modeling and Moving Target Indication.

Mission Capable

Bringing compact scanning radar and synthetic-aperture radar to the commercial and military markets

High Resolution SAR Imaging

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging through visually denied environments from mobile platforms.

Real Time Scanning Imaging

Real-time high-resolution monitoring from fixed or mobile sites through visually denied environments.

Cognitive Adaptive Counter-UAS

Using Artificial Intelligence to characterize and identify UAS.

Sector-Scanned Images Using aiRadar’s MMI-100

The MMI-100 Moving Target Indication (MTI) Display highlights moving targets in the scene, clearly showing the movement of pedestrians along a walkway.

The MMI-series radars

Top Performance in a Compact Package

aiRadar’s MMI-100 meets rigorous aerospace standards (MIL-STD-810) to ensure reliability in harsh environments


aiRadar’s Multi-Mode Interferometer (MMI) series provides a modular radar system that is lightweight and energy-efficient, offering top performance in various challenging applications. Operating in the V-band, these radar systems deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability across a range of uses.

Integrated functionality​

The Logic of Common Technology

Different instruments and applications on the same platform

aiRadar Inc. has designed, developed and meticulously documented the hardware, software and firmware that go into building a software-defined multi-mode, multi-mission radar. We did this specifically so that we could use the common technologies for a number of different instruments and applications.
Intelligent classification​

AI, Cognitive Adaptation and Micro-Doppler

An AI interface is being built into the next generation of our sensors to adaptively determine the characteristics of the target, and ultimately determine the distinction between friend and foe.

Improved performance​

Quantum Enhancement and Photonic Oscillators

aiRadar is currently under contract to Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to investigate Quantum Photonic Oscillators. As this high-performance technology matures, we will be incorporating it into our radars

Tomographic SAR with sensor fusion​

Improving Mine Clearance and Saving Lives

aiRadar is developing a solution to the difficult challenge of land-mine clearance, something which has dogged government and communities for almost a century.