Remarkable stability

Drone Deployed Synthetic Aperture Radar (66GHz)

aiRadar has developed two radars that are very different, and each absolutely unique. Yet they share common software, hardware and firmware technologies

SAR image from MMI-100 (left), compared to optical image of same scene (right). SAR imagery can see through smoke, fog and at night.

The second radar product we have is a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). This Multi-Aperture SAR has Multiple-Baseline Elevation Interferometry, and Multi-Baseline along track interferometry for Moving Target Indication.

We use our aiRadar Time Domain Back Projection (TDBP) processor and get spectacular images. We believe it is the only Multi-Aperture InSAR in the world capable of 5 cm resolution and DSM generation with multi-baseline Moving Target Indication. 

This radar also shares the Cognitive Adaptive interface, since the hardware, firmware and software are common to the AESA cUAS radar. This InSAR, weighing in at less than 3.5kg, is intended to be drone deployed on a Class 1 Drone of less than 25kg. Airadar Inc. has developed micro-navigation to deal with the turbulent flight of Class 1 drones and an InSAR processor.